integrated environmental modelling, geomatics, open data, open-source, visualization


Impact assessments need to be carried out in more and more detail, both with respect to resolution and number of environmental processes included, and in an ever decreasing amount of time. For the researcher it is important to easily integrate increasing amounts of data from heterogeneous sources into multi-disciplinary models, while at the same time the overall model validity can still be guaranteed. It is important to develop tools that assist both the skilled modeller and beginning user, each at the right level.

Availability of a good quality data on a large geospatial extent is a crucial element of an integrated environmental model setup. More and more geospatial and other environmental data become available online (OpenTopography, OpenStreetMaps, GEBCO, CUASHI HIS). This includes both measurements and forecast data, for example climate forecasts as an input to hydrological model. These provide valuable resources for rapid model setup, but data quality still needs to be checked for each application.