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Winter 4-23-2018


“The Master of Time”

Norman Lindsay’s work in The London Aphrodite spanned more than a single short story in a single issue. His contribution to this periodical was due to more than his relationship with the editor—Jack Lindsay, creator of The London Aphrodite, was his son—rather, Norman Lindsay’s writing adhered strongly to the premise of the journal. The self-proclaimed cultural journal was set in defiance to the critical literary trends of the day, specifically in opposition to The London Mercury. “The Master of Time” appeared in the third volume of the Aphrodite. Thematically, Lindsay is addressing a distrust of humankind and the aesthetics of human life, within the context of highly narrative spoken prose. Lindsay’s form in this short story seats the audience in the midst of an extended monologue that explores the structure of a narrative over an extensive satirical argument.