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Winter 2019


“The Velvet Glove,” a short story written by Henry James, was first published in The English Review in March 1909. At this time, the editor of The English Review was Ford Madox Hueffer, whose purpose in running the periodical was to seek out and spotlight the finest writers of the era and to showcase literary excellence. Indeed, Hueffer saw much potential in James, as well as in other writers whose works appeared in The English Review throughout the years: D. H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad, Thomas Hardy, H. G. Wells, Katherine Mansfield, William Butler Yeats, E. M. Forster, and Ezra Pound. That James’s work would appear alongside that of such prolific writers speaks to his skill as a writer. Although some criticism of “The Velvet Glove” exists, it is fairly limited and seems to read the story as one about James’s friendship with female writers in general or else interpret the story to be about living and a failure to live.