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Winter 4-23-2018


E.M. Forster was well accomplished in his career for his novels and their accomplishments. His writing career started early in life and found great success, yet, often his short stories went unnoticed. Dominic Head explains that critics found his stories to be “lack luster” in comparison to his novels (Head 77). However, this exact quality is what makes Forster’s stories memorable. Head argues that Forster’s short stories approach modernism different from his novels and other writers of the time (77). One such forgotten story is called “Mr. Andrews.” Found in the illustrated magazine The Open Window, Forster’s short story was publication in 1911 and since, has gone unrecognized. The original editor of the magazine, John Locke Ellis, included works in volumes of The Open Window that would give young writers a platform to showcase their work. The Open Window chose stories created from experience and offered style that the reader could become immersed in (Index of Modernist Magazines).