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This issue of Marriott Student Review is filled with unexpected connections. When we initially started putting this issue together, it seemed to be a hodge-podge of articles with no cohesive theme. Yet, as we wrote, read, and edited the following articles, the patterns emerged. For example, Victoria’s editorial about “Why We Write” deals with the importance of written expression and the power of writing well in any given business major. This article connects with both Ammon’s article on how to get into the most popular majors offered at the Marriott School (which all require writing proficiency) and William’s article on the importance of picking a minor and he chose editing. Another example, Ian writes about how to use social media correctly when interviewing people as an HR manager, and Wyatt writes about HR professionals changing the corporate culture regarding the women. And the connections continue…. As you read this issue of MSR, we hope you find unexpected connections of your own. Please share with us your thoughts about the articles by commenting on our Facebook page.

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From Play to Performance: Building an Effective Organization
Jessica N. Selee, Jade Johnson, Jocelyn N. Murray, Anna Samuelson, Jasmine Li, Andrew Lacanienta, Mat D. Duerden, and Mark Widmer

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Why We Write
Victoria Beecroft