Roma, Romania, Romani history, Gypsy


The Roma are a misunderstood and often controversial minority in Europe and across the globe, even their name is a source of dispute; e.g., “Roma” versus “Gypsy.” Although difficult, Romani integration into Romanian society is possible; however, this integration requires an informed approach in policy and public attitude. Often times, local governmental focus centers not on what can be done for the Roma, but what can be done about them. This approach lacks understanding, although its sentiment is the basis of the “Gypsy Question,” both in Romania and in Europe. Integration of the Roma, at its foundation, requires an understanding of (a) who the Roma are, including correct terminology when referring to the Romani people; (b) from where the Roma originate and their subsequent treatment since arriving in Europe; and (c) why previous integration policies have failed and what solutions exist to overcome barriers to integration. As policy makers move forward from this groundwork, the Roma may finally find a home in Europe and Romania.


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