JBS conference, videotapes


For JBS members who missed our June event and for members who attended and want a souvenir of our sessions, we are happy to announce that a set of 2 extended play tapes is now available. The tapes contain 10 hours of the conference with essentially complete presentations by speakers Don Goldberg, Harald Henrysson, Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, Eric Wimbles, Andrew Farkas and Anders Bjorling. Lightly-edited Q/A sessions after the talks are also included as is footage of two panel discussions chaired by Walter Rudolph and featuring Cornell MacNeil along with Farkas, Phillips-Matz, Henrysson and Goldberg in wide-ranging discussions on Jussi's singing technique, his ability to project language, the charge that he was a "cold" singer who did not act well, and the sad breakdown in communications between Solti and his musicians during rehearsals for the aborted Ballo recording of 1960 .

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