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Tully Potter, tenor, David Rossell


When the British magazine "International Opera Collector" published a highly controversial article about Jussi Bjorling by Tully Potter in its Summer 1997 issue, many outraged Bjorling admirers were quick to put pen to paper in defense of the tenor's reputation. Only a few of these letter writers had the satisfaction of seeing their letters published in the magazine. David Rossell, from New South Wales, Australia, was one of the lucky few, though his satisfaction was tempered by surprise at finding that what appeared in the magazine was not the letter he had sent to the Editor, but, rather, a highly edited version of a personal letter, not intended for publication, which he had addressed to Potter himself David's two letters are here presented in full and David has also provided us with an introduction in which he tells us a little about himself and offers a few more thoughts on the Potter controversy ...... Gail Campain

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