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Thanks to the Swedish chocolate company Marabou, it's now possible for lovers of chocolate and lovers of opera to satisfy both cravings at once! The company has released a box of chocolates (Fortuna Ouvertyr) with an enclosed classical CD that features Jussi as well as other famous artists such as Birgit Nilsson, Gosta Winberg, Elisabeth Soderstrom, Anne Sophie von Otter, and Sylvia Linderstrand. Jussi sings "Cielo e mar" (1959 Decca recording) and "Amor ti vieta" (also a 1959 Decca recording) and is pictured on the cover of the chocolate box. Truly a delicious idea! (Editor's Note: We're in the process of trying to find out how Marabou came to release such a unusual box of candy and also how to order these chocolates. We'll keep you posted.)

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