En Minnesbok. Jussi Bjorling Saga, Gail Campain, translation


En Minnesbok ("a memorial book") is a book of reminiscences about JB. Written shortly after Jussi's death, En Minnesbok reflects much of the shock and sorrow felt by those who loved and worked with Jussi. The material was collected by Bertil Hagman and published in 1960 by Albert Bonniers in Sweden. Unfortunately, the book has been out of print for some time. En Minnesbok contains Haginan's short biography of JB and some thirty-nine personal memories of various lengths by Jussi's associates, friends, and fellow performers such as J. Forsell, N. Grevillius, H. Schymberg, B. Nilsson, E. Soderstrom, K. Meyer, J. Hislop, and many others. The book has numerous pictures and a brief discography

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