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For several years, the future of the Jussi Björling Museum has been discussed in the municipal administration in Borlänge, the city where Jussi was born in 1911 and which owns and runs the museum. For some time, the administration had planned to move it from its present building, where it opened in 1994. Since it was unclear when and where the museum would be moved and what activities it would have in the future, on 29 April 2020 the three Jussi Björling societies sent a letter to the Department of Cultural and Recreational Activities in Borlänge, stressing the importance of the museum and its activities and asking sixteen questions about the city’s plans. The letter was signed not only by the chairmen of the societies but also by Jussi’s children Lars and Ann-Charlotte and by indviduals who have been active in preserving his memory, including Andrew Farkas, Stephen Hastings, Jacob Forsell, Hanna Hedman, Roger Alderstrand and myself.

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