Dan Shea


JBS-USA, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Smithsonian


Much has been said and written in praise of this phenomenal woman since her passing in September 2020, especially about her substantial influence in the world as a champion of justice, and as a legal, cultural and feminist icon. We join in the celebration of her life by remembering her love of opera and her superb taste in tenors.

Following is a reprint of two articles from the JBS-USA Journal 13, Fall 2001, recounting the June 26, 2001 presentation by Bertil Bengtsson at the Smithsonian Institute in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden and JBS-USA, an event attended by Justice Ginsburg.

Her later letters to JBS President Dan Shea are also here. (Note her reference to the radiation of her mail, in the era of anthrax and Ricin threats through the USPS.)

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