Jussi Björling, Stockholm Opera


As readers of this journal may know Jussi Björling’s first role in opera was the tiny part of the Lamplighter in Manon Lescaut, a role which is only 18 bars long – but most of them solo – in that opera’s third act. That was on 21 July 1930, and the venue was of course the Stockholm Opera, or as it says on the poster “Kungl. Teatern” — an abbreviation for “Kungliga Teatern” — The Royal Theatre. If you can master rudimentary Swedish you can find it and much of the data that I will cite in this article on https://www.operan.se/en/ archives/. Jussi’s landlords, Mr. and Mrs. Svedelius, attended the performance, but he missed Jussi’s appearance as it lasted only about one minute.

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