Jussicologists, Enrique Gilardoni


For many years I’ve had a firm belief that one sure sign of Jussi Björling’s greatness as a performing artist is the ability to join together people from all walks of life, irrespective of ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or country. Over the more than 30 years that I’ve studied, researched and lectured about Jussi I’ve had the great pleasure of making friends with fellow “Jussicologists”, both in Sweden and abroad. Many of them have become very close friends. One of the most highly treasured friendships is the one I’ve established with the foremost Jussicologist in South America, Enrique Gilardoni, whom I first met in 1994 at the inauguration of the Jussi Björling Museum in Borlänge. Enrique’s profound knowledge about Jussi and singers of the past (“altri tempi” as he prefers to call it) is equal to his legendary generosity, kindness and concern for friends and family. This article, which I very gladly accepted to write after being invited to do so by Walter Rudolph, is an homage to Enrique, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. There is not space enough to write about all his achievements, but, hopefully, this article will serve as a worthy introduction for those who don’t know him, and maybe add some hitherto unknown information for those who do.

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