Stefan Zucker, Robert Tuggle, Bjorling


Some of you may be aware of the Stefan Zucker book, Franco Corelli and a Revolution in Singing: Fifty-Four Tenors Spanning 200 Years (2015). Robert Tuggle was asked for some comments about Jussi Björling to be included in the book.

In January 2015 I approached Mr. Tuggle about doing a presentation on Kirsten Flagstad for the Salt Lake City JBS-USA Conference. He gave serious consideration to the possibility, which was urged on by another Honorary Advisor, and close colleague, Andrew Farkas. In the end, it simply did not work with his schedule. But he did share emails with me with a few of his exchanges with Stefan Zucker. I share the following from one such email, forwarded to me January 16, 2015, but originally written to Stefan Zucker on May 15, 2014.

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