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Jussi Bjorling in Norway


Jussi Bjorling, Christmas CD, Norway


That Jussi Bjorling's reputation as one of the greatest singers is upheld all over the globe 45 years after his death, is quite remarkable and unique. And his star is certainly not shining any less brightly in Sweden's neighbor-country, Norway. Before Christmas 1995, BMG in Norway released an anthology with Jussi Bjorling which they called "The best of Jussi." With hardly any advertising at all, it easily sold more than any other Christmas CD that year, and it has been more or less constantly in the top five best selling classical records in Norway ever since. Surely, it must be BMG's best selling classical record in Norway ever. Jussi Bjorling's studio version of Adam's "Cantique de Noel" ("O helga natt") from 1959 is played continually on Norwegian radio stations during the Christmas season.

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