Ed Walter


Anna-Lisa, Trovatore, personal memory


I have a special memory of Anna-Lisa Bjorling, that came to me at once when I heard of her death. In March 1957 I was in the Army, stationed in Petersburg, VA. I went AWOL (easy to do; I did it many times without being caught) to attend the March 19th preformance of Trovatore in Philadelphia. I got off the bus, met my Jussi biddy, Mike Sanders, who came in form New York City. We didn't have tickets, but just went on inside and mingled with the crowd. We got caught and claimed that "We're guests of Mr. Bjorling." We weren't, of course, and the person who caught us told us to wait while he went for the manager. We decided to continue on in, rather than wait and then get thrown out on our ears. We looked for Jussi's manager Bill Arneth, but couldn't find him. Then Anna-Lisa came by. we explained the situation to her. She grinned, Winked at us and said, "I'll handle this."

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