Goran Forsling


CD Review, Ward Marston, Il Trovatore


There still pop up more or less sensational historic documents in the field of recorded opera. This 60-year-old broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera was not unknown -it has even been in circulation for quite some time among collectors but then in such inferior sound that it gave very little pleasure. Now it appears, in more than acceptable sound, where both chorus and orchestra are amazingly well reproduced in a close recording. The solo voices are so life-like that they are almost touchable. Whether new original tapes have been found is not made clear in the booklet but the name Ward Marston appears on the back of the jewel case and in the booklet in small print. Music-lovers who, like myself, have spent hours and hours listening to mucky old recordings being re-vitalized by Mr. Marston know what wonders he can make. If he has rescued this performance so that that only inveterate bacon-fryers can enjoy it, he should have had star-billing on the front cover.

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