JBS members, New York conference, Jussiphiles


JBS's conference in New York City last October 24-27 (Thursday-Sunday) presented our members with a wonderful opportunity to gather in the city which brought Jussi some of his greatest operatic triumphs. From special Jussi-centric tours of the Metropolitan Opera Archives, graciously hosted by Robert Tuggle; to programs featuring an array of outstanding speakers; a reception at Scandinavia House; performances at the Met; a sparkling closing banquet; and the special camaraderie generated whenever Jussiphiles gather- it was a truly memorable event. Probably the highlight for most of us was the Saturday panel led by George Jellinek and featuring some of Jussi's most esteemed colleagues: Robert Merrill, Licia Albanese, Lucine Amara, and Regina Resnik, who presented us with a treasured step back to the days when they shared the operatic stage with Jussi.

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