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The May 2001 Newsletter of the Scandinavian Society asks what their Society has in common with the currently-popular TV soap opera " Rederiet" and the Royal Opera's Academy. the answer was supplied by professor Folke Abenius of that school: The Academy is presently housed in the Remmerline mansion on Dag Hammerskjold's Street, and in its formar location on Nybrokajen it served as Jussi's main opera-school. On the other hand, the exterior of the present school is portrayed as a main focus for the soap opera's events. Professor Abenius spoke last May 5 to members of the Sallskapet about the current Academy, which admits only eight students each year to its three-year, very rigorous, program. then a senior student from the Academy, tenor Carl Rahmqvist, sang some selections. Carl told of gong to London and picking up a recording of highlights from La Boheme with Victoria de los Angeles and Jussi. he said he had never heard of Jussi before, but when he had returned to Sweden he played the record and vowed to try to becomes a singer himself.

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