Mike Richter, Gosta Winbergh


Mike Richter's website is always interesting, we recommend it to your attention: mrichter.com. During November it featured three Swedish tenors in "Che gelida manina '': JB (from his 1939 Holland radio broadcast), Nicolai Gedda and Uno Stjernqvist. In October there was an interesting interview of Gosta Winbergh by Jim Farber of the LA Westside Rave! Just at that time, the LA Opera was starring Winbergh in Lohengrin, and Farber asked him about his youthful fling with pop music, as part of a rock band that played the youth clubs of Stockholm. As Farber recounts the story. Winbergh "offhandedly turned down his only opportunity to bear the greatest Swedish tenor of them all, Jussi Bjorling. 'l told my parents I'd rather go to the cinema with my friends,' Winbergh says with obvious regret."

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