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It's a full-time job these days to keep track of new releases of Bjorling recordings, with recent CDs coming from Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, the U.S. and Korea. Luckily we have some dedicated folk monitoring the scene: Kristian Krogholm in Norway, Lars-Henrik Osterholm and Harald Henrysson in Sweden, Eric Wimbles in England, Yoel Arbeitman and Hal Sokolsky in New Jersey, Carlo Ceruri and Alessandro Sciocchetti in Italy and many others, with much exchange of information on the Bjorling@ yahoogroups.com list. Well discuss here just some of the recent releases of special interest and give some reactions to them, either from magazines like ARG (American Record Guide) or Gramophone, or from our internet experts. And at the end of this column, we'll have an announcement about this Journal's next Recordings Editor!

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