opera, Jussi Bjorling Society, Andrew Farkas, Marika Somogyi, Silver Medallion


Consider this scenario: You've gotten to know and respect Andrew Farkas, not only for his work in opera scholarship bur also for his energetic and creative support of the Jussi Bjorling Society. He tells you of his friendship with superbly talented graphic artist, Marika Somogyi, who specializes in medals and whose work bas received wide international recognition. She has created the medallion for the annual Placido Domingo award as well as medals honoring Leonard Bernstein, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman. And many more. Thanks to her friendship with Andrew, and her own love of opera and Jussi, she'd be willing to produce a Bjorling medal that would be a real work of art, and at a minimal cost, thus creating the possibility that sales of this medal would eventually pro· duce some income for JBS. Would you want to learn more about this artist and her work?

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