Ake Sundborg


Grona Lund, Jussi Bjorling


My first contact with Jussi Bjorling took place some time in the early 1930, and had nothing whatever to do with any plans for his being engaged for performances at Grona Lund-he was considered to be just a novice at that time, and was thought to have a long way to go before be reached world star status. However, he was an almost daily visitor to Grona Lund, where he let tenor cries be heard as the roller coaster made its downhill plunge, behaved like an angel of destruction in the '"porcelain crusher", tried his chances in the "love thermometer", and he was to be found, without fail, in the first row of the audience when the 9 o'clock performance on the large stage was about to begin. The reason for this soon came to light and led eventually to the afore-mentioned contact.

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