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Rainfall-runoff modeling, Forested watershed, Time-area method, Flow velocity, GIS, Greece


In this study, an effort was made to simulate the transformation of rainfall into runoff, in a small experimental mountainous-forested watershed in western Greece. The main objective was the production of flood hydrographs by calculating average flow velocities (inside and outside the stream network). The usefulness of the flow velocities lies in using them in other ungauged small-forested watersheds that have similar geomorphological and hydrological characteristics. The meteorological and hydrological data of four storm events were obtained from the corresponding stations that are located near and at the outlet of the watershed, respectively. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology was used for the obtainment of the spatially distributed watershed characteristics. The resolution of the digital elevation model and the produced rasters was 50X50 m2. By integrating all information, a simplified model was developed, which is based on the Time – Area (TA) rainfall – runoff flow routing technique. The first results were satisfactory, especially the simulation of the ascending curve of the simulated flood hydrographs.