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Groundwater Flow Modeling, Zone of Contribution, Zone of influence, Wellhead Protection Area


Delineation of wellhead protection area is an important component of groundwater contamination protection strategy to prevent probable environmental and health hazards. Modeling of ground water infiltration and movement in the wellhead area is a critical part of any effective wellhead protection program. Such models depend on an accurate description of the aquifer in the wellhead area for the reliable estimation of contaminant travel times and defining protection area. In this paper, a two-dimensional groundwater flow model is proposed for the estimation of contaminant travel time to water well and delineation of wellhead protection area. The model is applied for the demarcation of wellhead zone of a water-well situated at Nachol in Chapai Nawabganj District of Bangladesh. The parameters required for the modeling of groundwater flow and delineation of Wellhead protection area are obtained from borehole litholog and available literatures. The study shows that to ensure clean groundwater supply for a period of 10 years it is essential to impose restrictions on land use activities in an area of 1.91 km2 around the water well.