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Drainage morphometry, Manair basin, Watershed, DEM, GIS


The quantitative analysis of the watershed is vital to understand the hydrological structure of any topography. The present study deals with quantitative assessment of Manair Basin, Telangana, India, based on IRS LISS III satellite data and Cartosat DEM 30m resolution data. Morphometric parameters of the watershed were assessed by computations of linear and areal aspect using standard methodology in GIS environment. ARC GIS software was utilized for morphometric component study and delineation of the watershed using Cartosat digital elevation model (DEM). In this study, the Manair basin, tributaries of Godavari River, has been selected for thorough morphometric analysis. The drainage area of the basin is 6668.76 km2 and shows sub-dendritic to dendritic drainage pattern. The study area is designated as Fifth order basin with the drainage density value being as 0.41 km/km2. Three sub-watersheds Upper Manair, Mid Manair and Lower Manair are also delineated within this basin to calculate the selected morphometric parameters, e.g., stream order, stream length, bifurcation ratio, drainage density, drainage frequency, drainage texture, form factor, circularity ratio, elongation ratio, etc. and their hydrological implications were discussed. The generated database of morphometric parameters can provide scientific material for site selection of water-harvesting structures and flood management activities in the basin. The results observed from this work would also be useful in classification of watershed for future water management.