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Geophysical survey, 1D resistivity sounding, VES cross section, groundwater explorations, Anjani and Jhiri River, Maharashtra, India


The present paper focuses on groundwater exploration using scientific methods. The area decide for the study, Anjani and Jhiri river basin, which comes under hard rock terrain from Maharashtra province, India. In this regards to conduct the hydrogeological and hydrogeophysical survey to understand the groundwater condition in the area. The aquifer geometry in the study area has been interpreted by carrying out 1D resistivity sounding using the conventional four electrode resistivity meter. The resistivity measurements obtained in sounding have been interpreted by curve matching technique to calculate the layer parameters (resistivity and thickness) and subsequently to reconstruct the depth sections of the profiles. Based on the range of resistivity values, the weathered and fractured zones are interpreted. The contacts between certain saturated and dry formation zones having different resistivity values can be identified from the resistivity section.