UDL, technology integration, teacher preparation, learning barriers, lesson planning, learner diversity, universal design for learning, universal design


The purpose of this project was to design curriculum materials for preservice teachers that will help them plan lessons that integrate technology and the principles of Universal Design for Learning to meet the varied needs of their students.

The goal of this design is to model a Universally Designed learning experience for undergraduate students as they plan their own technology integration lessons using the principles of Universal Design for Learning. After this unit, students were be able to write clear lesson goals, plan for learner variability by providing multiple points of access through flexible methods and materials, and use technology to provide multiple means of engagement, representation, action and expression to their students.

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Design/Development Project

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David O. McKay School of Education


Instructional Psychology and Technology



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Masters Project

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Additional Files

Master Teacher Training_ Universal Design for Learning.pdf (1291 kB)
Slideshow of material presented to course instructors

Quiz- Universal Design for Learning Chapter Quiz.pdf (1 kB)
Chapter quiz questions

Student Profiles.pdf (37 kB)
Example profiles of students with varied needs. Race and gender included in description but no specific disability labels or ages.

UDL Tech Lesson Plan [Project].pdf (1 kB)
Optional lesson plan template

universal_design_for_learning6-14-19.pdf (1 kB)
PDF of UDL chapter