Great Basin Naturalist


An extensive study of larvae and adult Trichoptera of the Sagehen Creek basin, Sierra Nevada, California, USA, revealed 77 species representing 14 families and 41 genera. Twenty-six species were restricted to small water bodies (spring sources, seeps, spring streams, temporary ponds, and intermittent streams); 27 were restricted to Sagehen Creek, a second-order stream, and the mouths of two large spring streams. Similarity between species caught at black lights and those in emergence traps was 43%. There were two major peaks in adult emergence by species, midsummer and late summer-fall. A few species emerged during winter or throughout most of the year. The species composition of the community showed affinity with Oregon, the Great Basin, and the Rocky Mountains but very little similarity with the California Coast Range. Four of the most abundant species in the basin have very restricted distributions. Ecological separation of several groups of closely related species could be explained by major differences in larval habitats or by different emergence periods.