Great Basin Naturalist


Presented from a worldwide treatment of the Scolytidae are cases of new synonymy, replacement names for newly detected junior homonyms, and the descriptions of species new to science as follows. New synonymy includes: Acanthotomicus quadrituberculatus (Schedl) ( = Mimips fallax Eggers), Amasa schlichi (Stebbing)(= Xyleborus glaber Eggers, Xyleborus brevipennis Schedl), Ambrosiodmus apicalus (Blandford) (= Xyleboruscristatus Hagedorn, Xyleborus fabricii Schedl), Ambrosiodmus asperatus (Blandford) (= Xyleborus citri Beeson, Xyleborus cristatuloides Schedl), Ambrosiodmus colossus (Blandford) (= Xyleborus szentivanyi Schedl), Ambrosiodmus declivispinatus (Schedl) (= Xyleborus tectus Schedl), Ambrosiodmus funereus (Lea) (= Xyleborus nepos robustus Schedl), Ambrosiodmus hagedorui (Iglesias) (-Ambrosiodmus guatemalensis Hopkins), Ambrosiodmus lewisi (Blandford) (= Xyleborus lewekianus Eggers), Ambrosiodmus obliquecaudata ( Motschulsky) (= Xyleborus semirufus Schedl), Ambrosiodmus obliquus (LeConte) (= Xyleborus melanarius Schedl), Ambrosiodmus rubricollis (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus taboensis Schedl, Xyleborus strohmeyeri Schedl), Arixyleborus canaliculatus (Eggers) (= Arixyleborus subsimilis Schedl), Arixyleborus imitator (Eggers) (= Xyleborus granistriatus Eggers), Arixyleborus leprosulus Schedl (= Arixyleborus aralidii Nunberg), Arixyleborus mediosectus (Eggers) (= Xyleboricus angulatus Schedl), Camptocerus major (Eggers) (= Camptocerus uniseriatus Schedl), Camptocerus orientalis Eggers (Camptocerus tectus Eggers), Camptocerus suturalis (Fabricius) (= Camptocerus hirtipennis Schedl), Coccotrypes advena Blandford (= Dendrurgus philippinensis Eggers, Dendrurgus ternatensis Eggers, Dendrurgus minor Eggers, Thamnurgides tutuilensis Beeson), Coccotrypes barbatus (Schedl) (= Thamnurgides ater Eggers, Thamnurgides dipterocarpi Beeson, Thamnurgides bambusae Beeson), Coccotrypes carpophagus (Hornung) (= Coccotrypes trevori Beeson, Coccotrypes pilosulus Schedl, Coccotrypes ceylonicus Schedl, Coccotrypes grisseopuberulus Schedl, Coccotrypes exasperatus Schedl), Coccotrypes cyperi (Beeson) (= Poecilips subaplanatus Schedl), Coccotrypes dactyliperda (Fabricius) (= Coccotrypes borassi Beeson, Coccotrypes eleocarpi Beeson), Coccotrypes longior (Eggers) (= Poecilips oblongus Eggers, Poecilips nitidipennis Schedl, Poecilips apicatus Schedl), Coccotrypes myristicae (Roepke) (=Thamnurgides masoni Beeson), Coccotrypes nitidus Eggers (= Poecilips aterrimus Schedl), Coccotrypes nubilus Blandford (= Thamnurgides parvus Beeson, Thamnurgides himalayensis Beeson, Thamnurgides cortices Beeson, Thamnurgides brevipilosus Beeson, Poecilips mauritianus Browne), Coccotrypes papuanus (Eggers) (= Thamnurgides rubidus Beeson), Coccotrypes rhizophorae (Hopkins) (= Thamnurgides shanorum Beeson), Coccotrypes salakensis (Schedl) ( = Thamnurgides opacifrons Beeson, Poecilips acuminatus Schedl), Conophthorus edulis Hopkins (= Conophthorus cembroides Wood), Conophthorus resinosae Hopkins (= Conophthorus banksianae McPherson), Coptoborus usagaricus (Eggers) (= Xyleborus usagaricus subadjunctus Schedl, Streptocranus hendrickxi Schedl, Xyleborus monticolus Schedl, Xyleborus fallaciosus Schedl), Coptodryas elegans (Sampson) (= Xyleborus concinnus Beeson), Coptodryas myristicae (Schedl) (= Xyleborus theae Eggers, Xyleborus brevipilosus Eggers, Xyleborus cylindripennis Schedl), Coptodryas nugax (Schedl) (= Xyleborus fragosus Schedl), Coptodryas recidens (Sampson) (= Xyleborus minutissimus Eggers), Coptodryas undulates (Sampson) (= Xyleborus leprosulus Schedl), Cryphalus major Stebbing (= Cryphalus morinda Stebbing), Cryphalus ruficollis Hopkins (= Cryphalus fraseri Hopkins), Cryphalus scabricollis Eichhoff (= Cryphalus discretus Eichhoff, Cryphalus dilutus Eichhoff), Cryphalus sylvicola (Perkins) (= Cryphalus swezeyi Schedl, Cryphalus sylvicola obliquus Schedl), Crypturgus pusillus (Gyllenhal) (= Crypturgus minimus Eggers), Cyrtogenius luteus (Blandford) (= Carposinus pini Hopkins), Dryocoetes autographus (Ratzeburg) (= Dryocoetes brasiliensis Schedl), Dryocoetiops laevis (Strohmeyer) (= Poecilips loebli Schedl), Dryocoetoides paradoxus (Schedl) (= Xyleborus solitaripennis Schedl), Dryocoetoides pseudosolitarius (Eggers) (= Xyleborus pseudosolitarius schizolobins Schedl), Eccoptopterus gracilipes (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus collaris Eggers), Eccoptopterus limbus Sampson (= Xyleborus squamulatus duplicates Eggers), Eidophelus imitans Eichhoff (= Phellodendrophagus elegans Krivolutskaya,Ptilopodius nitidus Schedl), Ernocladius corpulentus (Sampson) (= Margadillius corpulentus sundry Schedl), Ernoporus antennarius Schedl (= Euptilius papuanus Browne), Euwallacea andamanensis (Blandford) (= Xyleborus granulipennis Eggers, Xyleborus intextus Beeson, Xyleborus senachalensis Beeson), Euwallacea bicolor (Blandford) (= Xyleborus bicolor unimodus Beeson, Xyleborus rodgeri Beeson, Xyleborus rodgeri privates Beeson), Euwallacea destruens (Blandford) (= Xyleborus pseudobarbatus Schedl, Xyleborus nandarivatus Schedl), Euwallacea fornicatus (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus whitfordiodendrus Schedl, Xyleborus perbrevis Schedl, Xyleborus schultzei Schedl, Xyleborus tapatapaoensis Schedl), Euwallacea quadraticollis (Eggers) (= Xyleborus duplicatus Schedl), Euwallacea sibsagaricus (Eggers) (= Xyleborus dalbergiae Eggers), Euwallacea velatus (Sampson) (= Xyleborus assamensis Eggers, Xyleborus asperipennis Eggers), Euwallacea wallacei (Blandford) (= Xyleborus siporanus Hagedorn, Xyleborus ovalicollis Eggers, Xyleborus perakensis Schedl), Euwallacea xanthopus (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus semirudis Blandford, Xyleborus rudis Eggers, Xyleborus semipilosus Eggers, Xyleborus neohybridus Schedl, Xyleborus artehybridus Schedl), Gnathotrupes bituberculatus (Blandford) (Gnathotrichus impressus Schedl), Gnathotrupes longipennis (Blanchard) (= Gnathotrichus obnixus Schedl, Gnathotrichus corthyloides Schedl, Gnathotrichus corthyliformis Schedl, Gnathotrupes constrictus Schedl), Gymnochilus consocius (Blandford) (= Problechilus novateutonicus Schedl), Hypocryphalus mangiferae (Stebbing) (= Hypocryphalus opacus Schedl), Hypocryphalus sandakanensis (Schedl) (= Hypocryphalus maculates Browne), Hypothenemus areccae (Hornung) (= Stephanoderes bambesanus Eggers, Hypothenemus bauhaniae Schedl, Stephanoderes occidentalis Schedl), Hypothenemus birmanus Eichhoff (= Stephanoderes nibarani Beeson, Stephanoderes ampliatus Eggers), Hypothenemus californicus Hopkins (= Stephanoderes zeae Schedl), Hypothenemus crudiae (Panzer) (= Cryphalus mucronifer Wollaston), Hypothenemus donisi (Schedl) (= Ericryphalus madagascarensis Schedl), Hypothenemus eruditus Westwood (= Cryphalus tectonae Stebbing, Cryphalus striatopunctatus Lea, Cryphalus tantillus Lea, Hypothenemus tuberculatus Hagedorn, Hypothenemus pusillus Eggers, Hypothenemus argentinensis Schedl, Hypothenemus cylindricus Schedl, Hypothenemus asaroriensis Beeson, Hypothenemus mauiensis Schedl, Stephanoderes annulus Schedl, Hypothenemus parilis Schedl, Hypothenemus obscuripes Schedl, Stephanoderes tigrensis Schedl, Hypothenemus parcius Schedl, Hypothenemus cylindripennis Schedl, Hypothenemus vianai Schedl, Hypothenemus mesoleius Schedl, Hypothenemus minutulus Schedl, Cryphalus minutus Schedl), Hypothenemus fuscicollis (Eichhoff) (= Stephanoderes sundaensis Eggers, Hypothenemus ghanaensis Schedl), Hypothenemus hampci (Ferrari) (= Stephanoderes glabellus Schedl), Hypothenemus ingens (Schedl) (= Cryphalomorphus grandis Schedl), Hypothenemus plumeriae (Nördlinger) (= Stephanoderes cylindricus Hopkins, Hypothenemus guadeloupensis Schedl, Stephanoderes ituriensis Schedl), Hypothenemus pubescens Hopkins (= Hypothenemus minutissimus Schedl), Hypothenemus seriatus (Eichhoff) (= Cryphalus aulmanni Hagedorn, Hypothenemus cassavaensis Schedl, Stephanoderes hawaiiensis Schedl, Hypothenemus striatulus Schedl, Hypothenemus marovoayi Schedl, Hypothenemus asperatus Schedl), Hypothenemus stigmosus (Schedl)(= Stephanoderes garciae Schedl), Leptoxyleborus concisus (Blandford) (= Xyleborus incurvus Eggers), Leptoxyleborus depressus (Eggers) (= Xyleborus sejugatus Schedl), Leptoxyleborus semigranulatus (Schedl) (= Xyleborus artemarginatus Schedl), Monarthrum chapuisi Kirsch (= Monarthrum bolivianum Eggers), Monarthrum ingens (Eichhoff) (= Pterocyclon assequens Schedl), Pityophthorus deodara (Stebbing) (= Cryphalus himalayensis Stebbing, Pityophthorus sampsoni Stebbing), Sauroptilius sauropterus (Schedl) (= Xyleborus sauropteroides Schedl), Scolytogenes knabi (Hopkins) (= Cryphalomorphus alienus Schedl), Scolytomimus pusillus (Eggers) (= Scolytomimus kalshoveni Schedl, Scolytocleptes insularis Schedl), Scolytoplatypus Mikado Blandford (= Scolytoplatypus sinensis Tsai & Huang), Scolytoplatypus papuanus Eggers (= Scolytoplatypus luzonicus Eggers), Scolytoplatypus siomio Blandford (= Scolytoplatypus kunala Strohmeyer), Scolytopsis puncticollis Blandford (= Scolytopsis cubensis Wood), Terminalinus crucipennis (Schedl) (= Xyleborus metacrucifer Browne), Terminalinus hirtus (Hagedorn) (= Xyleborus hirtuosus Beeson), Trypodendron leave Eggers (= Trypodendron piccum Strand), Theoborus ricini (Eggers) (= Xyleborus solitariceps Schedl), Webbia quattuordecimspinatus or 14-spinatus Sampson (= Webbia quattuordecimspinatus or 14-spinatus Schedl), Xyleborinus andrewesi (Blandford) (= Xyleborus persphenos Schedl), Xyleborinus artestriatus (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus rugipennis Schedl), Xyleborinus gracilis (Eichhoff) (= Xyleborus neogracilis Schedl), Xyleborinus saxeseni (Ratzeburg) (= Xyleborus subspinosus Eggers, Xyleborus pseudogracilis Schedl, Xyleborus retrusus Schedl, Xyleborus paraguayensis Schedl, Xyleborus cinctipennis Schedl), Xyleborus adelographus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus accomodatus Schedl), Xyleborus adusticollis (Motschulsky) (Xyleborus vestitus Schedl), Xyleborus approximates Schedl (= Xyleborus potens Schedl), Xyleborus biconicus Eggers (= Xyleborus bicinctus Schedl), Xyleborus bidentatus (Motschulsky) (= Xyleborus quadridens Eggers), Xyleborus caraibicus Eggers (= Xyleborus variabilis Schedl), Xyleborus crinitus Schedl (= Xyleborus nigericus Browne), Xyleborus emarginatus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus emarginatus semicircularis Schedl), Xyleborus eximius Schedl (= Xyleborus apicenotatus Schedl), Xyleborus fallax Eichhoff (= Xyleborus amphicranulus Eggers), Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius) (= Xyleborus rufopiceus Eggers), Xyleborus grossmanni Schedl (= Xyleborus acuminatus Schedl), Xyleborus mascareniformis Eggers (= Xyleborus onerosus Schedl), Xyleborus multispinatus Eggers (= Xyleborus acanthus Schedl), Xyleborus mutabilis Schedl (= Xyleborus itatiayaensis Schedl), Xyleborus perforans (Wollaston) (= Xyleborus criticus Schedl), Xyleborus perlongus Eggers (= Xyleborus pulcnerrimus Schedl, Xyleborus pulcheripes Schedl), Xyleborus similis Ferrari (= Xyleborus novaguineanus Schedl, Xyleborus dilatatulus Schedl), Xyleborus subcostatus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus subcostatus dearmatus Eggers), Xyleborus sulcicauda Schedl (= Xyleborus tenuipennis Browne), Xyleborus volvulus (Fabricius) (= Xyleborus silvestris Beeson, Xyleborus granularis Schedl), Xylosandrus ater (Eggers) (= Xyleborus retusiformis Schedl), Xylosandrus cylindrotomicus (Schedl) (= Xyleborus semitruncatus Schedl, Xyleborus ramulorum Schedl), Xylosandrus mutilates (Blandford) (= Xyleborus sampsoni Eggers). The species Cosmocorynus vagabundus Schedl is transferred to the genus Amphicranus, and the species Xyleborus lineatopunctatus Eggers is transferred to the genus Cyrtogenius. New names are proposed for junior homonyms as follows: Araptus frontis (for Gnathocranus frontalis Schedl 1978, now in Araptus), Araptus guadeloupanus (for Brachydendrulus guadeloupensis Schedl 1970, now in Araptus), Coccotrypes brunnipes (for Coccotrypes brunneus Nunberg 1973), Coccotrypes robustulus for Poecilips robustus Schedl 1972, now in Coccotrypes), Coccotrypes striatulus (for Thamnurgides striatus Eggers 1927, now in Coccotrypes), Hypothenemus aterrimulus (for Lepiceroides aterrimus Schedl 1957, now in Hypothenemus), Hypothenemus ruginosus (for Pachynoderes rugifer Schedl 1977, now in Hypothenemus), Mimiocurus monticulus (for Mimiocurus montanus Schedl 1957), Monarthrum boliviensis (for Cosmocorynus bolivianus Schedl 1970, now in Monarthrum), Monarthrum dentatulum (for Monarthrum dentatum Eggers 1935), Monarthrum sexdenticulum (for Anchonocerus sexdentatus Eggers 1935, now in Monarthrum), Pityophthorus abietinus (for Pityophthorus abietis Kurenzov 1941 and P. sibericus Nunberg 1956), Pityophthorus brighti (for Pityophthorus blackmani Bright 1977), Pityophthorus micrograptinus (for Breviophthorus micrographus Schedl 1972, now in Pityophthorus), Pityophthorus subsimilans (for Breviophthorus subsimilis Schedl 1966, now in Pityophthorus), Scolytogenes papuensis (For Xylocryptus papuanus Schedl 1975, now in Scolytogenes. The following names are described as new to science: Cryphalus dipterocarpi (India), Cryphalus felis (India), Cryphalus fulmineus (India), Gnathotrupes colaphus (Venezuela), Gnathotrupes nectandrae (Venezuela), Mimiocurus beesoni (India), Pityophthorus cedri (India), Pityophthorus chilgoza (India), Pityophthorus glutae (India), and Scolytogenes indicus (India).