Great Basin Naturalist


Seeds of three species of dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium americanum Nutt. Ex Engelm., A. cyanocarpum Coulter & Nelson, and A. vaginatum subsp. cryptopodum (Engelm.) Hawksw. & Wiens, were exposed to smoke from burning forest fuels. Premeasured amounts of coniferous needles and branch wood were burned in a small incinerator with smoke passing through a closed chamber containing the seeds. Following three different smoke treatments and one high-temperature treatment, tests were conducted to evaluate the effects of these treatments on seed germination. Germination was inhibited for all species when the seeds were exposed to smoke for 60 minutes or longer. Seeds of A. americanum were unaffected by exposures to smoke from drier fuels. The percentage of germinating seeds of A. cyanocarpum and A. vaginatum showed little effect from exposures of up to 30 minutes.