Great Basin Naturalist


A checklist of the vascular flora of the alpine zone (treeless vegetation above 9500 feet or 2900 m) of the Teton Range is presented. For each of the 216 species, six attributes are listed: flower color and shape, pollination mode, life form, habitat preference, and whether each species is found in the Arctic. White and yellow flowered species are most common, and zoophilous species greatly predominate over anemophilous and apomictic species. Perennial/biennial herbs are the most common life form. Common habitats in the alpine zone include dry and wet meadows, bogs, debris accumulations, and cliffs and rock faces. Arctic species account for 25.9 percent of the flora. The 216 species are distributed among 111 genera and 36 families. The largest families, in order of size, are Asteraceae, Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Brassicaceae, Rosaceae, and Scrophulariaceae.