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From the emotional messages, the memorials, to the graphic images and memories evoked at the 9/11 Memorial, Holocaust Museum, and display of the Enola Gay, dark tourism exhibits a far reaching impact on the human race. It has the energy and influence to bring people together emotionally and unite them in remembrance of a people, place, and event. Dark tourism is an attraction of its own. In this study we have taken a random sampling of individuals from around the United States centering on their eagerness to visit three places of interest of thanatourism. These places are the 9/11 Memorial, the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., and the Enola Gay in the annex of the Air and Space Museum near an airport in the D.C. area. Prior to taking a random sampling our group hypothesized that there is a certain connection and curiosity that accompanies places that rely on thanatourism and that this sampling would show there is an industry in thanatourism.


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The Attraction of Thanatourism

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