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Happy 10th birthday to the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration! Who would have ever imagined that this online journal situated on the Web site of a smaller university in Carrollton, Georgia, U.S.A., (population about 20,000 and listed in 2002 as one of the 50 best small southern towns in the United States), and without the financial backing of a large national association, would emerge 10 years later as one of the field's premier journals? Not even the founding editor, Dr. Melanie Clay, quite envisioned the number of contributors and readers who would seek out her journal from all over the world to entrust their academic knowledge and to read the latest "practical distance education management ideas as well as more theoretical works" (Clay, 2008). Dr. Clay briefly recounted how the journal originated and later surpassed her own expectations. ...

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Hite, J.M., Hite, S.J., Howell, S., & Crandall, L. (28). "The Online Journal of Distance Education reaches the 1-year mark: A look back using social network theory to examine its collaboration network." Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 11(3). [Available at:]

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