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This paper describes a study of observed relationships between the design of a preservice mathematics methods course with accompanying field practicum and changes in the extent to which participating preservice teachers identified themselves with the mathematics reform movement after becoming inservice teachers. The curriculum of the course with its embedded field practicum experiences was designed to support preservice teachers in interweaving methods coursework and pedagogical instruction with classroom practice. University and public school structures were interwoven by conducting weekly mathematics methods course sessions held at a public school site followed immediately by related classroom practicum experiences. The interweaving of conceptualizations about mathematics teaching and learning was facilitated by the methods instructor providing professional development for classroom teachers simultaneously with the methods course, encouraging the teachers to create "reform-friendly" classroom environments. Survey data from 68 preservice teachers were analyzed to identify relationships between course/practicum experience and the degree to which the teachers identified with a reform mathematics perspective, as well as to examine factors influencing those relationships.

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Bahr, D.L., Monroe, E.E., & Eggett, D. (211). The structural and conceptual interweaving of mathematics methods coursework and field practica in an era of mathematics reform. Journal of Curriculum Studies.

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