Ballistic imaging of diesel sprays using a picosecond laser: characterization and demonstration


Equipment and techniques, Image analysis, Imaging through turbid media, Imaging systems


Ballistic imaging using a 15 ps pulse laser in high-injection-pressure diesel sprays is reported. An optical Kerr effect shutter, constructed from a CS2 liquid cell and activated by a 15 ps pulse at 1064 nm, produces effective 532 nm imaging pulses between 7 and 15 ps. The performance of the imaging system is characterized using an Air Force target positioned before an optical cell filled with polystyrene spheres in a water suspension. The impact of spatial filtering, temporal filtering, and scattering path length on image resolution are reported. The technique is demonstrated by imaging the near-orifice region of methyl oleate and methyl butyrate sprays injected using a high-pressure single-hole fuel injector with direct comparison against simultaneous orthogonal shadowgraphy.

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Sean P. Duran, Jason M. Porter, Terence E. Parker, Ballistic Imaging of Diesel Sprays Using a Picosecond Laser: Characterization and Demonstration, Applied Optics, (2015), vol. 54, Issue 7, pp. 1743-1750.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Optical Society of America




Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology


Mechanical Engineering

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