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When I received the news that Professor Ashok Midha had passed away, I was grieved by the unexpected news. But I also felt another emotion: gratitude for having known him. I am grateful for him, for the opportunity I had to learn from him, and for the influence he has had on my life and career. I wanted to honor his memory in some way. This document is in response to that desire.

Some of my thoughts at his passing are summarized in the first chapter and the conclusion. The other writing is taken from a draft of my personal history (something akin to an autobiography). The draft of this personal history has been compiled over many years and I’ve selected a few chapters during my time as a graduate student under Professor Midha’s direction. He is mentioned in other chapters as well, but these are where he played a pivotal role in my development as an engineer and professor. Because the source was my personal history document, I hope that you will forgive that the writing is a lot about my perspective. In spite of those weaknesses, I hope it gives an indication of the great influence Ashok Midha had on my life.

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