petroleum coke, petcoke, gasification reactivity, CO2 gasification, gasification kinetics, coal char


Two petcoke samples were gasified by CO2 at total pressures of 10 and 15 atm in a high-pressure flat-flame burner reactor at conditions where the bulk phase consisted of either 40 or 90 mol % CO2 with gas temperatures up to 1909 K. Particle diameters of 45−75 μm were used in the experiments. The morphology of the two petroleum coke chars was drastically different and evaluated using scanning electron microscopy images of the chars. The mass release data caused by CO2 gasification of the petcoke chars were fit to a global first-order model, and the optimal kinetic parameters are reported. The CO2 char gasification rates of both petcokes were shown to be higher than Illinois #6 coal when reacted at conditions of high temperature and pressure, even though most reactivity comparisons between petcoke and coal at lower temperature, pressure, and heating rates typically result in coal being more reactive.

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Lewis, A. D., E. G. Fletcher, and T. H. Fletcher, “CO2 Gasification Rates of Petroleum Coke in a Pressurized Flat-Flame Burner Entrained-Flow Reactor,” Energy and Fuels, 28, 4447-4457 (2014). DOI: 10.1021/ef500690j

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