Mitt Romney, Latter Day Saints, religious political figures, media and religion


Mitt Romney’s religion accounted for 50% of all religion-related presidential primary campaign stories in 2007, and 30% of Romney’s total media coverage focused on his Mormon faith. This article reviews that coverage and considers it within the larger historical context of the complex relationship between media and Mormonism throughout the 180-year history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A factorial model (the first in the area of Mormon Media Studies) is proposed by which to document and analyze the wider societal influences that are reflected in media representation of Mormon identity. The model’s 5 factors include the media, the Mormons, other religions, secular influences, and politics/government. The model assumes an interrelationship among the five factors. Factor influence and relationships among factors vary according to time, issue, and circumstance. The model relates to informational (not entertainment) media. Suggestions are made for application of the model to academic studies.

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Baker, Sherry and Campbell, Joel(2010) 'Mitt Romney's Religion: A Five Factor Model for Analysis of Media Representation of Mormon Identity', Journal of Media and Religion, 9: 2, 99 — 121. 10.1080/15348421003738801

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Journal of Media and Religion




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