factor analysis, instrument validation, nursing leaders, organizational learning, research instruments


Aim: Develop a valid, reliable research instrument to measure contextual factors associated with organizational learning in hospitals.

Background: A valid, reliable instrument for measuring contextual factors associated with organizational learning is needed so nurse leaders and researchers can improve healthcare by facilitating and studying organizational learning.

Methods: The Organizational Learning in Hospitals model guided development of the Organizational Learning Instrument-Context. Content validity was refined and evaluated through cognitive interviews and expert reviews. The instrument was distributed to direct care nurses in Magnet® hospitals in the United States. Intraclass correlation coefficients validated the use of multilevel analyses. Construct validity was assessed using multilevel confirmatory factor analysis, and coefficient omega was used to assess internal reliability.

Results: Participants were 1063 nurses in 120 inpatient units in 11 Magnet® hospitals. Results were as follows: item-level content validity = 0.86-1.0, scale-level content validity = 0.95, intraclass correlation coefficients = 0.171-0.270, coefficient omega = 0.945-0.982 and standardized factors loadings = 0.672-0.964. Model fit statistics were CFI = 0.963, TLI = 0.961 and RMSEA = 0.059. [Correction added on 31 May 2022, after first online publication: In the first line of the 'Results' section, "163 nurses" has been corrected to "1063 nurses" in this version.] CONCLUSIONS: Initial testing indicates the Organizational Learning Instrument-Context has adequate levels of reliability, content validity and construct validity.

Implications for nursing management: Hospital leaders and researchers may begin using this instrument to improve and study contextual factors associated with organizational learning in hospital units.

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Lyman, B., & Thorum, K. (2022). Contextual factors associated with organizational learning: An instrument development study. Journal of Nursing Management. 30(7), 3535-3545.

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