A Foldable and Reconfigurable Monolithic Reflectarray for Space Applications


Foldable, reconfigurable, monolithic, reflect array, mechanical engineering, space applications


An origami-based foldable and reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna (RA) with multiple apertures is proposed for CubeSat applications. The proposed configuration consists of a central RA embedded in folding panels using Lamina Emergent Torsional (LET) joints based on compliant mechanisms. Depending on the folding direction of these panels (forward or backward), a new RA aperture is formed. The proposed RA along with its folding panels and hinges is fabricated using only a single PCB. A prototype of such an RA with two foldable panels is fabricated and measured. This RA operates in the Ku-band at 16 GHz and provides two pencil beams pointing at (8 = 30°, φ = 0°) and (8 = -30°, φ = 0°), and a dual-beam pointing at (8 = +27°, φ = 0°) and (8 = -29°, φ = 0°). The proposed RA provides a gain of 25 dB and 19 dB in its singleand dual-beam operations, respectively. For CubeSat applications, the key advantages of this RA are its small stowed volume, reconfigurable EM performance, beamsteering capabilities, monolithic construction, low fabrication cost, and reduced complexity.

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Kaddour A.S., Velez, C., Hamza, M., Brown, N., Ynchausti, C., Magleby, S., Howell, L., and Georgakopoulos, S., “A Foldable and Reconfigurable Monolithic Reflectarray for Space Applications,” IEEE Access, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3042949, Vol. 8, 29355-219366, 2020.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Mechanical Engineering

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