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This paper provides a broad review of the extant literature involving the treatment of sleeplessness in older adults with insomnia. First, background information (including information regarding key issues in late-life insomnia and epidemiology of late-life insomnia) pertinent to achieving a general understanding of insomnia in the elderly is presented. Next, theories of insomnia in older adults are examined and discussed in relation to treatment of insomnia in late-life. With a general knowledge base provided, empirical evidence for both pharmacological (briefly) and psychological treatment options for insomnia in late-life are summarized. Recent advances in the psychological treatment of insomnia are provided and future directions are suggested. This review is not meant to be all-inclusive; however, it is meant to provide professionals across multiple disciplines (physicians; psychologists; applied and basic researchers) with a mix of breadth and depth of knowledge related to insomnia in late-life. It is our hope that readers will see the evidence in support of psychological treatments for late-life insomnia, and the utility in continuing to investigate this treatment modality.

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Dzierzewski JM, O'Brien EM, Kay D, McCrae CS. Tackling sleeplessness: psychological treatment options for insomnia in older adults. Nat Sci Sleep. 2010;2:47-61. PMCID: PMC3273867.

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