Current Approaches to International TA Preparation in Higher Education: A Collection of Program Descriptions


higher education, international teaching assistant, TA


This publication presents an overview of international teaching assistant (TA) training programs at universities in the United States, along with analyses of major themes that emerge from these program descriptions. Section 1, the bulk of the document, consists of one- to two-page descriptions of programs for international TAs that are in place at 48 universities across the United States. Each description contains information pertaining to program history, goals, structure, administration, staff, funding, language proficiency requirements, and characteristics of program participants. Section 2 presents a comparison of oral English language proficiency requirements at the universities, including an analysis of the tests used to determine such proficiency. Section 3 compares the preparation of internal TAs for their TA roles and responsibilities at the various institutions. Section 4 compares the administration, funding, and staffing of international TA programs. Section 5 addresses current issues in international TA preparation by providing a bibliography of 93 publications, dissertations, and conference presentations on the subject. Three appendixes index the TA program descriptions by university, contact person, and state. (MDM)

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Bauer, G. and Tanner, M. (Eds.). (1994). Current approaches to international TA preparation in higher education: A collection of program descriptions. Seattle, WA: Center for Instructional Development and Research, University of Washington.

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