The Needs Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation of the "English Pronunciation Guide: An ESL Teachers' Guide to Pronunciation Teaching Using Online Resources"


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ESL students view the teaching of pronunciation as an important part of their English language education and state they need assistance in this area (Willing, 1988). In corroborating this point, Munro & Derwing (2006) add that research has shown that pronunciation is given relatively little attention in the ESL classroom. Although many ESL teachers agree with students on the importance of pronunciation teaching, they often do not feel qualified to teach pronunciation due to their own insufficient training in pronunciation teaching (Derwing, Diepenbroek, & Foote, 2012). Unfortunately, time constraints and other obstacles often keep practicing ESL teachers from obtaining the pronunciation-instruction preparation they need to fulfill students’ needs. These factors led us to develop an online resource guide (now available at to help English as a second language (ESL) teachers who may lack appropriate training in pronunciation teaching quickly access online video resources that will help them improve their students’ pronunciation. Teachers can use these resources to educate themselves and then teach specific aspects of English pronunciation to their students with greater competence and increased confidence. This article concludes with an evaluation of the English Pronunciation Guide.

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Cox, J., Henrichsen, L., Tanner, M., and McMurry, B. (In press). The Needs Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation of the English Pronunciation Guide: An ESL Teachers’ Guide to Pronunciation Teaching Using Online Resources. Accepted for publication in TESL-EJ.

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