Judaism, familial judaism, American Judaism


The authors are family scholars who study the nexus of religion and family relationships ( Dollahite and Marks, 2020 ; Marks, Hatch, and Dollahite, 2018 ). We have conducted inhome, in- depth interviews (about two hours each) with 30 Jewish couples and families across several states. In this chapter we share many fi rst- person quotations about ritual and practice in Jewish families from three major branches of Judaism: Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform. A unique aspect of these quotes is that a number are from observant Jewish children, youth, and young adults, a group that has been largely overlooked in studies of Jewish family life. The fi rst and third authors have studied and published on American religious families, including Jewish families, for over 25 years. The authors are not Jewish, however, the fi rst author spent a year studying prayer book Hebrew at a synagogue and six months studying Torah and Talmud with a Chabad rabbi. The second author has graduate training (master and doctoral level) in programs of Jewish studies at three Jewish institutions ( Dollahite and Marks, 2018 ; Hatch and Marks, 2019 ; Marks and Dollahite, 2021; Marks et al., 2018 ).

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Dollahite, D. C., Hatch, T. G., Marks, L. D., “Relational Implications of Jewish Family Ritual and Practice,” In The Routledge Handbook of Jewish Ritual and Practice (Oliver Leaman, ed.). New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis, invited (2022)

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