qualitative research, family financial socialization


This purpose of this case study is to relate the methods used to conduct a qualitative research project about family financial socialization designed by emerging adults, primarily employing emerging adults as the primary research participants (although some of their parents and grandparents are interviewed). A sample of 153 respondents (128 undergraduate students, 17 parents, and eight grandparents) at three universities was recruited to assure diversity. We outline and discuss our team-based approach to qualitative data collection, analysis, and coding procedures, as well as how a team of 10 undergraduate students was incorporated into this approach. We relate the challenges and benefits of using undergraduate researchers. We make the case that a group of intelligent and motivated undergraduate students can make significant scholarly contributions.

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Marks, L. D., Rosa, C. M., LeBaron, A. B., & Hill, E. J. (2019). “It takes a village to raise a rigorous qualitative project”: Studying family financial socialization using team-based qualitative methods. SAGE Research Methods Cases. London: SAGE.

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