Integrating the Aims of Brigham Young University into Its Distance Education Programs: A Case Study


higher education, BYU, Aims of Brigham Young University, distance education


Brigham Young University (BYU), as a faith-based institution of higher learning, has identified four outcomes for a BYU education. These outcomes are defined as the Aims of a BYU Education: 1. spiritually strengthening; 2. intellectually enlarging; 3. character building; and 4. promoting lifelong learning and service. In 1998-9 two BYU distance education programs, Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) and Department of Independent Study (IS), accepted the challenge of extending this BYU experience to and evaluating its presence for students enrolled at a distance. This effort required the design of a new and required introductory course that would teach students what the Aims of a BYU Education are and how students can recognize the presence of these Aims in an Independent Study course. The analysis and synthesis results would be reported through a capstone project (BGS) and through the use of a rating form (IS) as part of the course evaluation process. The early longitudinal, qualitative, and quantitative data indicates distance education students experience the four Aims of a BYU Education even while participating in Independent Study courses.

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Howell, S., Allred, E., Laws, D.& Jordan,T. (2004, August 17). Integrating the aims of Brigham Young University into its distance education programs: A case study. Journal of College and Character, 5(1). At

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