Dimensions of Part-Time Faculty Job Satisfaction: Development and Factor Analysis of a Survey Instrument


research study, higher education, faculty, Brigham Young University


The purpose of this research study was to develop a reliable and valid survey instrument for assessing the satisfaction of part-time faculty teaching in continuing higher education at Brigham Young University (BYU). This article describes the reliability and validity of the instrument that may be used by other administrators and researchers interested in evaluating part-time faculty job satisfaction at their respective institutions. The researchers hypothesized that dimensions of overall job satisfaction (adapted from the Herzberg model) would be measured by subscales on the survey instrument. The factor analysis provided empirical support for eight dimensions. The failure of two subscales in the factor analysis (status and job security) and one subscale on the test of internal reliability (challenge) will necessitate a revision of applicable survey questions.

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Hoyt, J.,Howell, S., & Eggett, D.(Fall 2007). Dimensions of part-time faculty job satisfaction: Developmentand factor analysis of a survey instrument. Journal of Adult Education, 36(2), 23–34, published by Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA).

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