Binder Jetting, powder deposition, wetting, post-processing, sintering, materials


Binder Jet printing is an additive manufacturing technique that dispenses liquid binding agent on powder. Layers are formed repeatedly to build up a physical article. Binder jetting (BJ) can be adapted to almost any powder with high production rates. The BJ process utilizes a broad range of technologies including printing methods, powder deposition, dynamic binder/powder interaction, and post-processing methods. A wide variety of materials have been demonstrated including polymers, metals, and ceramics, but a common challenge is developing printing and post-processing methods that maximize part performance. This article presents a broad review of technologies and approaches that have been applied in Binder Jet printing and points towards opportunities for future advancement.

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Mohsen Ziaee and Nathan B Crane, “Binder Jetting: A Review of Process, Materials, and Methods,” Additive Manufacturing, Vol 28, August 2019, pg 781-80.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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